Furat Wdaa



Signs of Friendship


Director: Destinee Neville

AD: Taylor Ballard

Producer: Adam Sheets

DP: Tanner Jackson

Production Designer: Furat Wdaa


The short film, "Signs of Friendship" captures the heartfelt moment when a younger sister feels seen and included by her older sister and her friends'. With Coca-Cola at the center of this spot, it is evident how magical a sip of Coke can be.

I came up with the vision for anything and everything you see when it comes to set, costume, and HMU.


I was inspired by the Coke neon sign in the background. I wanted to capture a vibe that was both retro and modern, so we did just that!

This shoot was over 12 hours and took months and months of preparation, but it was worth every second. It turned out incredible!